EEC- Nepal Chapter
"Doing Business with the EU and particularly Great Britain"... more


April-June 2008
Assessment of opportunities in -three- sub-sectors for potential trade between SMEs in the EU counterpart countries and Nepal.

eneral assessment of trade related procedures and requirements with specific reference to trade between Nepal and the EU partner

Sept.& Nov.2008
4 marketing / international business courses for Nepalese business IBOs.

2.2.1) Determination of the system to exchange business information between Nepali IBOs and European partners.


4.1 Administrative monitoring

In order to reduce the risk of an administration that does not entirely meet the requirements of the European Commission an independent consultant specialised in the management of European grants was hired to monitor the project’s administration. By involving this expert from the beginning of the project we assured our administration to be set up in a manner agreeing to the European Commission’s requirements utterly reducing the height of possible ineligible expenditures. This service still needs to be procured.