EEC- Nepal Chapter
"Doing Business with the EU and particularly Great Britain"... more


April-June 2008
Assessment of opportunities in -three- sub-sectors for potential trade between SMEs in the EU counterpart countries and Nepal.

eneral assessment of trade related procedures and requirements with specific reference to trade between Nepal and the EU partner

Sept.& Nov.2008
4 marketing / international business courses for Nepalese business IBOs.

2.2.1) Determination of the system to exchange business information between Nepali IBOs and European partners.


Advisory Committee

On 16 January 2008, an Advisory Committee representing from various parts of the country was formed through consensus among 15 Direct Beneficiaries (IBOs).

The Advisory Committee was formed to e.g. discuss progress of the project; to suggest how to fill in certain upcoming activities and who to invite or they can decide to give an additional presentation themselves. The Advisory Committee can also exchange information in a broader way than just the project: what's going on and what can be done to strengthen socio-economic activities between Nepal and the EU (Nepalese IBOs and EU IBOs).

The essence of this initiative is to get the communication going among each other, exchange information, identify prevailing problems and find best possible solutions to manage them. The meetings are to give a feeling of "all for one - one for all" which gives a feeling of ownership to all the stakeholders not just EEC-Nepal and FNCSIN. Therefore, it is important to meet regularly. It is proposed to meet 7 times within the project period. EEC-Nepal will be responsible for a planning that all agree on and can attend the meeting.

The Advisory Committee has had two meetings so far, 17 January and 5 May 2008.


Mr. Dibya Mani Rajbhandari, President of EEC-Nepal (Chairperson of the Committee)

Mr. Binayak Shah, Secretary General, EEC-Nepal

Mr. Jung Bahadur Shrestha, President, FNCSIN

Mr. Babu Kaji Maharjan, Secretary General, FNCSIN

Mr. Mohan Bahadur Katuwal, President Makwanpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ms. Sulochana Rajbhandary, FNCSIN-Kathmandu District Committee

Mr. Tanka Prasad Dulal, President, Itahari Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Damodar Acharya, President, Nepalgunj Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Azaj Alam, President, Rupendehi Industry Association, Butwal