EEC- Nepal Chapter
"Doing Business with the EU and particularly Great Britain"... more


April-June 2008
Assessment of opportunities in -three- sub-sectors for potential trade between SMEs in the EU counterpart countries and Nepal.

eneral assessment of trade related procedures and requirements with specific reference to trade between Nepal and the EU partner

Sept.& Nov.2008
4 marketing / international business courses for Nepalese business IBOs.

2.2.1) Determination of the system to exchange business information between Nepali IBOs and European partners.


Proceedings report of the four day workshop organized by ECIBON

The program "Doing business with EU and in particular Great Britain" is the first training program within work plan of action of the project entitled "Enhancing Capacity of Intermediary Business Organizations in Nepal" (ECIBON). The project which is funded by the European Commission under Asia-Invest ll program comprises of four project partners and 15 IBOs as beneficiaries. It is a 30 month program, starting from September 2007. The program aspires to make Nepalese IBOs better equipped to service local SMEs and European Intermediary counterparts to facilitate trade between Europe and Asia (Nepal), accomplished through seminars/ workshops and trainings provided by the European project partners. Keeping in mind the vast knowledge of European partners, ECIBON management looks forward to successful completion of the project with greater project output.