EU-Nepal TIP Newsletter Issue II April-June 2023

Nepal’s LDC Graduation: A roundtable on Policy Options

Asia Invest Project in Nepal

Project entitled “Enhancing the capacity of Intermediary Business Organizations in Nepal” (ECIBON) awarded under Asia Invest – Alliance from the European Union to make Nepalese Intermediary.. More

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EU-Nepal Business Forum
The EU-Nepal Business Forum 2023 aims to showcase business, trade, investment..... More

Nepal Chamber of Commerce
Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), established in the year 1952 (2009 BS) is the.... More

Nepal Tourism Board
Nepal Tourism Board is a national organization established in 1998 by an act .... More

Trade and Export Promotion Centre
The Government of Nepal has established "Trade and Export Promotion ... More

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) is ... More

Nepal Mountaineering Association
Nepal Mountaineering Association was established on November 1, 1973. It is... More

Hotel Association Nepal
Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) was established in the year 1966, when it had just eight... More

About EEC-Nepal

European Economic Chamber (EEC)-Nepal (EEC-Nepal) established in Kathmandu, Nepal was formally registered with the Government of Nepal, Central District Office, Kathmandu on 7 March 2005 (2061/11/24), registration number 455/061/062. » more


Asian Tour Project

Asian Tour project fully meets the objective of the Asia Invest programme 2006-2007 of promoting and facilitating the direct business co-operation between European Union (EU) and Asian tourism sector actors... » more


Change of Name

To avoid misunderstanding in regards to the resemblance of the name of the Chamber with any regional or global organization, the General Assembly Meeting deliberated at length on the issue and concluded unanimously that the Chamber is officially registered with the Government of Nepal as the non-profit autonomous member based legal entity and does not represent any regional or global organization and operates only on the basis of the statute which is officially approved by the Government of Nepal as per the prevailing relevant laws of Nepal. Thus the General Assembly Meeting of the Chamber has decided, as per the Statute of the Chamber, to rename the Chamber as” European Economic Chamber (EEC)-Nepal”, instead of “European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry- Nepal.

Our Publications

EEC-Nepal is implementing European Union project entitled "European-Asian Integration in Sustainable Tourism Management (Asian-Tour)" under Asia Invest program of the European Commission. ...

Annual Year Book entitled "Nepal-European Union: Partners in Progress and Development"