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EU-Nepal Business Forum
The EU-Nepal Business Forum 2023 aims to showcase business, trade, investment..... More

Nepal Chamber of Commerce
Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC), established in the year 1952 (2009 BS) is the.... More

Nepal Tourism Board
Nepal Tourism Board is a national organization established in 1998 by an act .... More

Trade and Export Promotion Centre
The Government of Nepal has established "Trade and Export Promotion ... More

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) is ... More

Nepal Mountaineering Association
Nepal Mountaineering Association was established on November 1, 1973. It is... More

Hotel Association Nepal
Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) was established in the year 1966, when it had just eight... More


  1. EU Investors - Foreign direct investment in Nepal
    EU Donor Agencies - Prioritize the area of development requirements
    EU Diplomatic Missions - Role of diplomatic mission in socio-economic development of Nepal